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KAPEX is the sister token of Koda Cryptocurrency.

KAPEX is designed as a utility token, to reward the KODA stakers and to be used as a payment method for products and services. The fees for transacting with KAPEX are designed to be far less than KODA...

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KAPEX will be a reward token when carrying out certain activities with Koda such as staking.

Kapex Reward Token


Each Koda transaction provides liquidity to KAPEX, this is an innovative development which hasn't been seen before.

Kapex Liquidity

Koda Holders

Koda Holders who stake are directly rewarded from each transaction made with Koda Apex.

Kapex Reward

Examples of use (not limited to):

  • Paying exchange fees
  • Paying service and product fees
  • NFT purchasing
  • Paying contractors/staff
  • Team motivation through bonuses
  • Any business to consumer transactions
  • Any peer to peer transactions

Aside from presale, to acquire KAPEX tokens you will be able to stake KODA, and you can trade KAPEX on the designated exchange/s.

Download Kapex Litepaper